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Best Modular Kitchen Designs

The Kitchen is the Heart of Every House, Excellent Modular Kitchen can Bring in most out of it.

The modular kitchen has now become an exceptional necessity for a comfortable lifestyle. Modular Kitchen enhances your kitchen interiors with the latest kitchen decor ideas & cabinet design. Discover design ideas & decor at beautiful homes. Get the right ingredients to create a tasteful kitchen interior design. Make your kitchen look stunning with our beautiful designs, patterns, and vibrant colours.

- Modular Kitchen Designs -

Straight : Simple Yet Purposeful

Do you have a bigger kitchen capacity? Are you confused with the design patterns available in the market? Straight modular kitchens are ideal for those who have minimal area. Though these types are elementary ones, our design ensures convenience and attractiveness. We help you to find the best design to fit your available space.

Parallel : Compact with Ample Storage

A parallel or galley has two kitchen platforms with cabinets running parallel to one another. This is suitable for compact homes having less floor space. Give a new shape to your kitchen and we guide you with the most suitable pattern!

L-Shaped : Multifunctional & Organised

This layout is the most preferred pattern and the most suitable one for all Indian kitchens. It utilizes the optimum space and you can accommodate all your utensils and appliances. Go for an L-shaped modular type and your kitchen will no longer look messy!

U-Shaped : Spacious & Generous

We love to cook and functionality is of utmost importance for hassle-free cooking. A U-shaped layout incorporates cabinets along three walls fitted with a countertop, cabinet and appliances joined to form a U-shape. As you have ample space, you need not roam around and you have all ingredients and appliances at an easy reach.

Island Design

Let’s give your cooking and storage area a new update! The design has an L-shaped modular kitchen with a detached island at centre. The hob is placed on the island, allowing you to use the leftover space for storage and other utilities. This perfect setup is convenient for moms who do multi-tasking- do kitchen work and take care of kids.