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Best Real Comfort, Visual and Physical, is Vital to Every Room. Best Home Interior Can Uplift Your Mood At Home Anytime.

Freestyle Interior, we aim to enhance every look of your home with our best home interior designs. We believe that we provide the best solution for all your interior needs. 100% Customer Satisfaction. On-Time Delivery. Best Materials Used. Excellent Manpower at Our Unit. Get Free Quote Now.

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Living and Dining Room

Do you want your living room to look extraordinary? The most important one to be taken care with precise design, which showcases your lifestyle and taste towards art, a place where you receive your family, friends, neighbors, guests, etc. We customize your dining according to your needs with variety of options from 2-8 seater with a beautiful crockery and storage units.

TV Unit

TV Unit is the centre of attraction in any living room when it is beautifully designed and made in theme matching the whole interiors. It can be further extended as a storage space in addition to display of souvenirs, family photos, books, trinket and other artefacts, on them.

Home Theatre

Home theatres are gaining popularity in India because of the OTT platforms. With the best home theatre systems like 3D TVs, projectors and surround sound, you can easily bring theatre experience into your home.

Coffee Table

Coffee table is perfect option to amplify the overall look of your living room. It is a beautiful piece of furniture that irrespective of its size can transform the charm of your living room/office.

Crockery Unit

Crockery Unit is an ornamental furniture unit that adores the kitchen area or dining area. It’s usually kept in the dining area to store crockery and cutlery that you use on a daily basis.

Pooja Unit

This unit makes your life auspicious every day. Pooja unit made of wood is considered to be the purest and favourable. With creative demeanour, endows various chests to accommodate all your pooja stuff at a proper place. From surface mounted to wall-mounted, we have everything that could satisfy every individual need.

Bedroom Unit

A well-furnished bedroom interior is incomplete without proper bedroom furniture sets like bed, bedside table, chest of drawers, wall mounted shelves, kids beds, and many more. The best place to relieve from anxieties, worries, and hurries. Family feels secure and free in this room and thus it needs the best ambiance, facilities, and provisions. The bed is one of the most significant furniture units in any bedroom along with the storage units. It allows you to get a good night sleep.


Wardrobe is one of the most important furniture investments for your bedroom. It is essential to buy wardrobe that is both eye-appealing and a valuable component of your bedroom. A wardrobe provides a touch of class to the room while keeping the room neat. Since keeps all your things organized like, clothes, accessories, and other essentials. So, give your bedroom a pleasing appearance.

2 Doors

The 2 door wardrobes are of a standard size, which makes them neither too big nor too small. This wardrobe is suitable for your guest room.

3 Door

3 Door Wardrobe is best suited for you when you have a lot of stuff to accommodate, Freestyle Interior provides such an exclusive range of 3 door wardrobe for master bedroom, which eventually enhances the grace of your entire room.

4 Door

4 Door Wardrobes with drawers have an immense storage space to organize everything in one place and give your room a clutter-free look. With the change in trends and styles, we have multiple choices to fit in any interiors. You can pick up any wardrobe with mirrors to add the touch of dressing area in the same unit as per your bedroom preferences and requirements.

Chest of Drawers

Chest of drawers gives a neat and improved look to the decor of your bedroom. It can manage most of your essential clothing of daily use like socks, undergarments, towels, etc A chest of drawers will be the best option to uplift the storage factor.

Dressing Unit

Dressing table with mirror is now a fundamental necessity of modern homes. Women consider dressing to be an art and we have the dressing unit with drawers that provide the best assistance to their art which comes with a display shelf, and storage space to accommodate your cosmetics.

Office Table

Computer/Office table is an inevitable part of your living area. The office areas are often considered as a den because you spend extended hours here due to work. Creativity in this area can enhance performance, but peculiar combinations can make you feel distracted and ultimately, this will be affecting your concentration. Freestyle Interior designs will not only make your work a bit easy and convenient but also compliment the decor of your room.

Kids Room

Kid’s room should be attractive in all aspects. For most children, their bedroom is a place to escape and daydream. A space dedicated to homework, games, books and toys. So it comes as no surprise that most kids’ room designs are fun, bright and have engaging decor. Kids, on a gradual basis, start exploring things around. From crawling to playing, they do need a colourful environment to grow up. And, here comes the time to decorate their space with excellent baby furniture.

Kids Cot

Kids love their bed and its comfort a lot. Make a fabulous cot for your cutie. Customize it in your desires and make it lovable. This is one of the most basic things that is must require in every kid’s room. From playing with their toys to sometimes eating food, kids love spending most of the time on their bed. This section includes double beds, trundle beds, bunk beds, etc.

Kids Wardrobe

Kids do need their own set of a wardrobe in which all their toys, books, colours and clothes can be well organized in one place. Whether you need a 2 door wardrobe, a multi-utility one or multi-utility with kids study table wardrobe, we have everything to suit your needs.

Study Table

Children study table is one of the eminent furniture units for kids as they spend most of their time playing, studying, and drawing there. Study table for kids designed to store their stationaries, books, and all study material at one place, to enhance the decorative and aesthetic value of the room, so that your children feel energetic and enthusiastic, whenever they enter the room.

Wall Designing & Painting

A workspace should develop zeal and positive vibes. Colours have a great impact on human emotions. It is vital to select the right colour theme for a workplace. If you are in search of the best wall design and painting for the office, we have specially selected colours and styles for a workstation wall.